Interpreting Your PFI Contract - Contract Law

Many teams taking over from established estates teams / legal teams are now finding they have to re-examine their contracts; understanding the nature of your original contract and the principles the Govt. requested initially is vital to good contract management. Standardised PFI Contracts vary by sector, by date (re SOPC guidance) and by project. This course sets out the key areas which both the in-house legal team and management / contract managers should have working knowledge and awareness of. Due to changes in personnel and certain aspects of guidance, a regular question that is asked by PFI management is for clarification of both their 'rights & obligations'. The course also highlights areas which can give rise to risk and exposure for the parties involved, and prepares teams to address any shortfalls.

Duration: 1 Day

Location: London

Month: Nov 2022

Date: 25th

Price per attendee: 725 exc VAT

Number of attendees: