What is the Current Climate?

For any organisations it is natural to think staff training and development would be the first thing to cut when budgets are tight. Yet is it more important than ever.

Managing Talent – it is widely known that successful organisations focus on energising and motivating their key talent when times are hard. This investment pays dividends in many ways – not least in building a firmer bond and trust with the organisation.

As the business environment continues to change at a rapid pace, it is only through reflection, planning and then execution that the successful organisation is able to maintain a positive trajectory for the business. All of these phases require an investment in the people.

Taking the Organisation Forward

Companies with well-developed training programmes were able to demonstrably prove a 24% higher profit margin, and up to 218% higher revenue per employee return.

Professional training can boost employee moral by over 51% - employee satisfaction directly relates to customer satisfaction, and so to sales.

At Right Outcomes we work with organisations to understand what the key levers to increasing motivation and staff engagement are, before designing our training programmes.

We also like to follow the mantra about the importance of people being happier when learning - so we ensure make sure our courses are highly interactive, engaging, not PowerPoint driven, and always include an element of fun.

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